Michigan was a state that truly surprised us. Coming from the south all we ever heard about was Detroit or Flint. Both of those cities were not typically talked about as a exciting place either. Once we made is past those two cities we had stumbled upon a place we never knew existed. Bay City was the first stop and it did not disappoint. Michigan is home to many little hidden gems along the coast. We made our way along the “mitten” edge and explored many of the Harbor Towns this state had to offer.

Once we travel a few cities and talked with the locals they directed our attention up to the U.P. where we truly got the embrace the adventurous part of this trip. Never hearing about Upper Peninsula, we had no idea what to expect and we think that was for the best. Before we crossed over the Mackinac Bridge, we had to stop and explore the City of Mackinaw itself. Needless to say, we will be back. Our minds were able to develop their own opinion of this place without the influence of anything else. We did not spend much time in the U.P. as a big storm was coming but we did make sure to venture up to Whitefish Point and went to the amazing Tahquamenon Falls State Park.




Pontiac Lake Campground

Bay City Campground

Lake Dubonnet Campground

Andrus Lake Campground

Tawas Point Campground

Grand Haven State Park