North Carolina

North Carolina

For whatever reason, North Carolina has always been a place we knew we were going to love. It’s got the best of both worlds from the Outer Banks to the Smoky Mountains. We spent the majority of our times drive along the south side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Its an amazing way to explore the mountain line and there are spectacular views around every corner. While we explore the state of North Carolina we had the opportunity to make our way to the Overland Expo East event and work with Overland Bound. It was an amazing way to meet so many awesome like-minded people within the Overland community. The event was at the Biltmore Estate so we decided to venture over and see the largest home in America.

It was a spectacular piece of architecture. North Caroline has so many little hidden towns along the eastern coast that with just a short drive you can feel like your in a completely different country where the only  way to get in or out is by a ferry boat. Surf City is one of our favorite beach towns we have explore so far and look forward to making that a destination with travel to frequently.


Mt. Pisgah Campground

Oregon Inlet Campground