So much has happened since our last post! We are so excited to announce that we have officially turned this trip from a little idea in Emilie’s head to a full blown adventure! An adventure that we can talk about for the rest of our lives. Since our last post many months ago, we have whittled away at 95% of our belongs. We of course have kept a few things that have more sentimental value to us. But we sold our extra car, had a bunch of yard sales, and were constantly meeting up with people to sell things through craigslist. We actually met a bunch of awesome people who we shared our journey with and have already had a bunch of positive feedback! Which really made us want to keep pushing forward in turning this dream into reality. We also sold our first home which was such a bittersweet experience. A place where we learned so much about each other, ourselves, our goals, and our values. It is a scary feeling uprooting everything you know and own to completely changing it around. Turning your dream of nothing but ideas, goals, and visions into the day to day life that you will live for days to come. We are still equally as excited now as we were from the beginning and now that we are about to begin our journey we are more ready then ever. Please keep following us along on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to post our adventure! Also if you have any suggestions on where we should go or of any organizations that is in need of help please comment or DM us. We would love to reach out to anyone in need! #payitforward

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