You then Me then everyone else

You then Me then everyone else


Today, August 13th, 2017 

Hey There Friends! Caleb and I are currently making our way to Illinois! One of our top cities we’ve been really excited to experience during this trip is the big Chicago! BUT today’s post is actually about last night. Our last night in Indiana and we wanted to take a moment to share something a bit more than what meets the surface.

We stayed at a campground in which we were the only ones there. This is the first time Caleb and I have actually had that opportunity. In the midst of the crackling fire, we broke the silence with the discovery of a new level of growth. We discussed what our expectations were before we left this trip. We discussed what we still wanted out of this trip. We even discussed what we wanted after this trip. But then we began discussing our own personal challenges along with the triumphs. Then something wonderful happened, we learned what it means to say “I’m sorry”. A simple I’m sorry for any hurt we have caused each other over the past 9 years. A realization that our pasts are our pasts of course but a simple “I’m sorry”, wow what a glorious statement in a marriage. (Really any relationship) Sometimes, especially in today’s society, hearing or saying “I’m sorry” ends up being something that’s a habit or just simply loses it’s meaning. You see, for the first time it felt like the words “I’m sorry” were something to be proud of, it was as if it actually meant something. Those words had not disappeared the past but it brought an acceptance, and a forgiveness. Despite social media, we are not a perfect couple nor are we perfect individually. We have known each other since we were 14. That comes with a ton of changes in who we are including getting lost within ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of the times that means hurting people especially the ones closest to you. But having the opportunity to truly say I’m sorry and then equally having the opportunity to accept it couldn’t be more magnificent. We have so much more growth to experience but at the end of the day we are growing alongside each other and couldn’t be more excited about it.  

It’s funny what happens in the moments of the quiet huh? Thank you Indiana, we will always remember that moment. 

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